One crazy broad

The “FULL SHEBANG” part is really what she said. I made up the rest haha
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Types of CBD (Full spectrum, broad spectrum, isolate)

Constant vigilance

Always check the lab reports for your product’s TCH levels!
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Types of CBD (Full spectrum, broad spectrum, isolate)

not shaken…or stirred

Note: I have nothing against martinis. Please stop sending me recipes.
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Types of CBD (Full spectrum, broad spectrum, isolate)

Marlin is born

I freaking love Koi CBD’s Berry Lemonade gummies!
You also get a gummy sample pack with every order:

Koi CBD’s Gummy selection

Imperial Legality

Most people won’t understand my movie references…but I like them!
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Letters have meanings

I was SO confused trying to learn what all of these acronyms and abbreviations meant.
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Brand loyalty

This is 100% a joke I’d use in real life. And yes, Luna would smack me.
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Spiderful Mixup

The reason they’re called Charlotte’s Web is way cooler! More on that later.
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Charlotte’s Web CBD Store


The girl mentioned in this comic (Charlotte Figi) passed away in 2020 due to complications from COVID-19.  
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